About me

Hi, my name is Andrew Mish!

Fullname : Mishurenkov Andrey Victotovich

Was born : 28.08.1987 at Russia, Yaroslavl 

Occupation : IT, Electronic, Engineer, Businessman, Inventor


Basic education

Hight school, Russia, Yaroslavl
1994-2002, Basic course

College of Industrial Automation, Russia, Yaroslavl – Technist of engineering/Bachelor
2002 – 2006, Automation of technological processes of production and programming of machine tools with program management.

Professional Institute of Management, Russia, Moscow – Management of company/Bachelor
2006 – 2011, Management of the organization, top management.

Life and career

Andrew was born in the city of Yaroslavl in the family of an engineer and inventor Mishurenkov Victor Nikolaevich (1956 – 2004) and Mishurenkova Larisa Arkadevna(Kostitsina) (1959 – now). He spent all his childhood and youth in a city with a developed infrastructure. From an early age, he was fond of technology, electronics, physics, and chemistry. He graduated from high school №56. After school, he entered and graduated from the Yaroslavl Automechanical Technical College and received a specialization Technician. At 15, parents bought a computer. This gave the first impetus to the development of the potential of Andrew. At 19, he left his origin city for Moscow, where he lived until 30 years. In the first years of his life in Moscow, Andrew got graduate “Management of company” at the Professional Institute of Management.
Since 2011 Andrew started 4 business companies: Dotrunet, Design Studio Face, HDD-Company and IOS Laboratory. Andrew founded startup Expelex and got a patent in 2017.


*From an interview for BroDude Magazine

Childhood (4-11 years)

Andrew was raised in the family of an inventor. Besides fact that Andrew’s father worked in a laboratory, he did not have enough money. Father often additionally was engaged in repairing some electronics at home. In a little room that his father had converted from the closet to a laboratory, Andrew spent a lot of time. He studied his father’s instruments. It was a voltmeter, ammeter, oscilloscope, and other electronic devices. For a 4-year-old child, it was a wonder. The father made the foundation of an inquiring mind to his child and showed various interesting things. His showed how LEDs make shine, that means a polarity, how can connect two or three at once. So, at the age of 5, Andrew began to understand what is serial and what is a parallel electronic connection.

In addition to playing in his father’s office, the most favorite toys in childhood were children’s steel building kits. This is the only thing that could make Andrew happy for a long time. He had the largest sets of existing then on the market. Andrew combined these them and made himself toys, cars, robots, etc. Despite the fact that there were about 5 sets, he always wanted more details. The fastest ending nuts M4. The building kits were supplemented with some electronic components (motors, light bulbs, switches, electromagnets). A part was taken from his father’s laboratory, and a part he himself took from toys or found on the street.

Andrew remembers his first serious crafts: an alarm in a room made with a motor with a bicycle bell, an electronic lock with a code panel, an electronic shotgun that blew up powder from a nichrome thread and shot 50 bullets at once. Together with a friend, they made an electronic speaker that changed the timbre of a voice and called to random phones and joked at people.
In the family of Andrew was a car “Moskvich”. Father spent a lot of time to maintain the car in working condition. He often took his son with him to the garage, where they could spend whole days. In the garage, his father equipped a corner and built a table for Andrew. Andrey made crafts from wood, metal, and plastic. Materials he took from what was in the garage or found at a nearby landfill. These were wooden boats, speakers, flower stands and other useful things for a house.

Like all children, Andrew loved to play in the yard with other children. He liked to blow firecrackers. Andrew did not just blow firecrackers like all other children, but also made various devices for them. For example, he assembled sandpaper with a match, so that you just need to pull a check. He took out gunpowder from several firecrackers and stuffed it into large sturdy containers so that the explosion turned out to be more powerful. Father taught Andrew several chemical reactions. Andrew began to make smoke bombs, self-explosive bombs with the automatic ignition mechanism in 2-3 minutes, various gunpowder substitutes from cheap drugs in the pharmacy. It was only for fun.